Industrial Cameras

  • Cameras for automation and inspection
  • Cameras for Industry 4.0


Camera Measurement Systems

  • Cameras for optical wave measurement devices
  • Measurement of rotationally symmetrical bodies

Laser Measurement Systems

  • Component inspection
  • Laserscanner for height profile measurement

Scientific Cameras

  • Microscopy cameras for scientific applications
  • Laboratory cameras for examination of DNA samples

Medical Cameras

  • Cancer detection
  • Prenatal early diagnosis

Observation and surveillance cameras

  • Surveying and environmental measurement
  • Structural measurement of buildings

Automotive, Airborne and Naval cameras

  • High Definition Aivonic Cameras
  • Smart Zoom Cameras
  • IP-Cameras for Utility Vehicles

Beyond the visual

  • Cutting-edge SWIR Cameras go beyond the visual spectrum
  • Solder joint inspection
  • Medical and scientific examination of cells

Your custom solution

  • Do you have a challenging use case?
  • We are always eager to develop the next cutting-edge camera